St Tropez Tanning

St Tropez is recognised as the UK’s leading Self Tanning Treatment and is a firm favourite with celebrities and beauty editors. St Tropez Bronzing Lotion will give your skin a rich, natural looking tan without the damaging and ageing effects of the

St Tropez Full Body Tan (1hr 20mins) £38
Includes exfoliation

St Tropez Half Body Tan (45mins) £33
Includes lower legs, back, face, neck and arms. Includes exfoliation.

———————————————————————————————————————————————– Before your Treatment..

A St Tropez Tan will last approximately 5-7 days and is best carried out 1 or 2 days prior to a special occasion. It is recommended that you book an early evening appointment as the

St Tropez Lotion is tinted and will leave your skin with a ‘muddy’ appearance for a short while after you leave the salon.

  • For best results your skin should be free from other self tanning products.
  • You should carry out any waxing/shaving at least 24hrs before your treatment
  • Please bring along loose, dark coloured clothing along with dark coloured underwear to change into after your treatment.

During your Treatment..

The treatment begins with exfoliation prior to the St Tropez Bronzing Lotion being applied by hand with the therapist wearing latex gloves. You will be asked to remove all relevant clothing and jewellery. Paper pants will be offered if requested. Your modesty will be protected at all times during the treatment and only areas having the tan applied will be exposed at any one time.

After your treatment..

You should leave the St Tropez on your skin to develop over 6-8 hours.You should avoid contact with water during this time. Ideally the lotion should be left on overnight and showered off in the morning. The ‘muddy’ appearance you will notice after having the tan applied is a guide colour only and is necessary to ensure perfect application by the therapist. This colour is perfectly normal and is just a vegetable dye which will wash out of cotton but may stain certain fabrics. You should avoid wool fabrics until the tan has developed. After this time the tan will not transfer onto clothing or fabrics.


  • After bathing and showering pat the skin dry rather than rubbing.
  • Moisturise daily to keep the skin supple and hydrated. See recommended products below.
  • Once the tan has developed it is fine to go swimming but chlorinated water may fade the tan quicker.

Finally please remember that the St Tropez tan does not contain any sun filters and therefor SPF should be applied as normal when exposing your skin.

Recommended ProductsTo maintain the professional results achieved in the salon, a selected range of St Tropez Products are available to purchase in the salon or online from Beauty by Janine. Please click here to view the range and to purchase securely online. All payments are processed via Paypal. Your items will be delivered within 3-4 days.Prep and Maintain Group Shot