Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


In the Salon – Your Data

Day to day scheduling of appointments and admin at Beauty by Janine is conducted online using various appointment booking solutions designed for Hair & Beauty Salons.

All Apps and websites used by Beauty by Janine to store client data require secure login procedures and are password protected.

All mobile devices ie iPhone/ipad used by Beauty by Janine have a unique personal Apple ID and are protected with strong passwords and fingerprint technology. Devices are updated regularly with the latest software updates.

Beauty by Janine takes data privacy seriously and will take all necessary steps to protect client data.

Website – Your Data is a WordPress website hosted on secure servers by a company called Healthosts who specialise in hosting websites for holistic practioners.

Access  to data held within this website is strictly restricted to Beauty by Janine. A secure password and user login are required to access data held on this site.

Alongside WordPress, Beauty by Janine uses Woocommerce to run an online shop selling skincare products.

Personal data is collected and stored in order to fulfill online orders. If you purchase items online from Beauty by Janine, your name and address will be passed to a 3rd try courier in order for your item(s) to be sent to you. Beauty by Janine will not contact you using data provided unless there is a problem arising with your purchase.

To process online payments Beauty by Janine uses Paypal as a secure 3rd party payment gateway. Financial details ie credit/debit card numbers/bank sort code/account numbers are never revealed to Beauty by Janine.

Paypal will record details of any orders placed online with Beauty by Janine. Details of which can be viewed by Beauty by Janine.

Access to data held within the Paypal Account registered to Beauty by Janine is strictly limited to Beauty by Janine. Login is password protected and features  fingerprint technology. uses Cookies to make the site easier to use and to track the traffic patterns of visitors. If you are not happy with this, then you should adjust your web browser settings to disallow cookies.

Contacting Beauty by Janine – Your Data

Email – To make enquiries or to book a treatment you may email the salon

Email conversations may be stored online via Microsoft Outlook, Icloud  and on iPhone/ipad).

The above email address is the only email address that Beauty by Janine will use to directly communicate with clients. If you receive any suspicious emails please do not click on any links contained within the email and report the matter.

Calls/Voicemail – You may contact the salon on (01786) 450430. When the salon is busy this number will be diverted to the O2 Mobile Voicemail Service. Details of your call will be displayed and recorded. If you do not wish to have your number displayed then please withhold your caller ID.

Of course if you would like to have your call returned please leave a short message with your contact details. For your convenience Beauty by Janine may contact you by text message. If you prefer not to be contacted in this way please advise.

Call details and voicemails may be stored by O2. Call details and voicemails will be stored on Apple iPhone/Ipad Device and stored on iCloud. Voicemails are regularly deleted after a period of time has elapsed.

Text Messages – If you participate in a text conversation with Beauty by Janine to arrange/amend appointments/arrange gift vouchers/ products or to make enquiries, the text conversation will be stored on Apple iPhone/ipad device and will stored on iCloud.

Booking Treatments – Your Data

When you book treatments at Beauty by Janine you will be asked to provide basic contact details ie name, telephone number and/or email address.

Beauty by Janine (or those appointed by Beauty by Janine) may use this data to contact you via telephone, text message, email or sometimes social media regarding appointments/purchases in the salon.

How Your Data is Stored and Used

Whenever you contact Beauty by Janine by phone, email, text or social media your contact details may be stored in order to contact you in the future regarding appointments.

Beauty by Janine will endeavour to make sure all information held by Beauty by Janine about you is accurate and revelant. Please report any inaccuracies to Beauty by Janine.

Your details will not be shared with third party marketing companies and will not be used for marketing purposes.

Your data (including details of past, present and future bookings and past purchases) will be stored securely online using numerous leading software solutions designed for Hair & Beauty Salons.

In exceptional circumstances (ie in case of illness or emergency) Beauty by Janine may appoint a designated 3rd party person to access your basic contact details in order to contact you to reschedule your appointment.

If you become a regular client at Beauty by Janine, your name, contact number and/or email address may be stored under ‘Contacts’ on Beauty by Janine’s Apple Devices ie IPhone/Ipad. This information is stored on iCloud. If you are not happy for your details to be used in this way please advise Beauty by Janine.

Appointment Confirmations and Reminders

If you provide your email address you will receive an email confirmation when you book treatments or cancel/amend treatments as well as an email reminder 24hours before your treatment.

If you provided your mobile number you will recieve an automated text message 24 hours before your next appointment. This is a reminder only and you cannot reply to this text.

If you do not wish to receive email and or text message reminders please contact the salon

Purchasing Gift Vouchers

When purchasing Beauty by Janine Gift Vouchers online, in the salon or via telephone you will be asked to provide some contact details for yourself (name, email, contact telephone number, address aswell as payment details and billing address if the voucher is being purchased online or via telephone).

You may also be asked to provide known details for the person you are giving the voucher to (name, telephone number).

This is to record the sale and track the use of the voucher and prevent unauthorised use of the voucher.

Beauty by Janine will only contact you (the Purchaser) using the details provided in the following circumstances –

  •  There is a problem with the delivery of the voucher to you
  •  To provide a refund/partial refund if Beauty by Janine ceases trading or the voucher can no longer be honoured. (providing the voucher has not been used)
  •  In exceptional circumstances if the participant loses or misplaces the voucher.

Beauty by Janine will only contact the recipient of the voucher using the details provided by the Purchaser in the following exceptional circumstances –

  • To inform the gift voucher holder that Beauty by Janine is ceasing trade and the gift voucher can no longer be upheld.

Request to delete your personal Data

You may request to see your personal data held by Beauty by Janine at any point. Please contact the salon

You may also request to have your personal data deleted from Beauty by Janine database. Please email